Sunday, December 27, 2009

Faultline in LA

Steve and I are hosting New Year's Eve at Faultline in LA! Don't miss this party, we want to see you in your underwear!

Don't miss the launch party for at the Faultline in LA this Saturday the 2nd! We will have DVD's to give away and we are always looking for new talent!

Hard Friction XXX-mas

This week's release!

This week don't miss Angelo Marconi. An exclusive with Bruno Bond on the set of 'The Trap'. Never before seen interviews, plus an explosive dose of Hard Friction from one of Raging Stallion's most gorgeous hunks! Get hard now!

Catch up with Junior Stellano. Another hot exclusive with Bruno Bond on the set of 'The Trap'. Never before seen interviews, plus an explosive dose of Hard Friction. Fans of hairy men and muscle this one's for you. Get hard now!

More for your Hard Candy XXXmas!

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December Guys to Keep You Warm

This month on Hard Friction!

Austin Wilde keeps us warm on
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Upon returning to the northern hemisphere this week Bruno and I were rudely reminded that the weather outside is frightful! So we have lined up 4 smoldering hot men on Hard Friction this month to keep us all warm. The next best thing to eternal summer...

December 3rd
Spencer Reed Interview and Solo

December 10th
Austin Wilde Interview and Solo

December 17th
Junior Stellano Interview and Solo

December 24th
Angelo Marconi Interview and Solo

All 4 scenes streaming in HD! Directed by Bruno Bond with exclusive interviews never before seen anywhere, exclusively on !!!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hard Friction Launches!

The Response is a HARD ONE!

After much work and editing- editing- editing, the website is live! Meanwhile the DVD collection is doing really well. If you are a Raging Stallion fan this DVD is sure not to disappoint you. But don't take our word for it, We're probably biased.

ManNet gives Hard Friction our first 'Highly Highly Recommended' in our directing career.

Martin Cox says: "The dynamic duo Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond prove they can makes sparks fly as well onscreen as off in the terrific Hard Friction."
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More Reviews
Jack Manly says: " & pleasurable with real chemistry and a total turn-on to watch. And Hard Friction IS just that."
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Rad Video
says: "With HARD FRICTION, veteran porn actors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond take a shot behind the camera and prove that they have an eye for what's hot!"
Click here for entire review.

Fair View says: "This was well worth watching and I learned some techniques."
Click here for Scene 1- Hard.
Click here for Scene 2-Slurp.
Click here for Scene 4-Ride.

Thanks to everyone who loves Hard Friction. Your support in our first few months is valued and appreciated.

And fans, keep in mind we just launched the site. New content is being added weekly.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

LaPerouse Beach

Steve and I made the trek out to LaPerouse Beach and met a HOT guy that we later filmed for

Sydney Harbor

Steve and I had fun walking around Sydney harbour and on the ferry to the beach!

Bondi Beach

Steve and I had a great time at Bondi Beach and the walk to Tamarama!

Sunday, December 6, 2009