Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gang Bang Bruno

Yes, Steve wanted to see me get gang-banged by three hot guys, so we invited Brandon Lewis, Sean Stavos and Morgan Black up to a cabin in the woods and they all took turns pounding my ass outside! It was so amazing, I was rock hard and loving every minute of it! Thanks, Honey :) Click HERE to see the preview and more pics from 'Attraction.'

Bruno Bond and Morgan Black

Here are some action shots from my scene with the extremely sexy newcomer, Morgan Black, from our new release 'Attraction.' This was an extremely fun scene, beautifully filmed outside by Steve Cruz. Click HERE for the preview and more pics!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Here are my most recent pics from our new Hard Friction release 'Attraction' that is available now. Click HERE for the preview and more info. More hot action pics are on the way!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shave me

Bruno Bond w/ Richard Savvy in 'Shave'
Bruno Bond is waiting in the barber chair wearing boxer shorts and a t shirt. Richard Savvy, the Barber, approaches, clippers in hand, ready to buzz his head. Bruno's cock begins to grow in his shorts. After the haircut, Bruno pulls off his shirt and lies back in the chair. Richard begins to lather his face with a brush in preparation for the shave. He pulls out a laser sharp strait razor and runs it stealthy across Bruno's stubble. The tension builds as the razor moves down his throat. Rivers of soapy water run down his chest and begin to soak his white shorts while Bruno's cock begins to throb. The Barber finishes the shave, walks around and yanks Bruno's shorts down, exposing his eager cock. Richard then coats Bruno's balls into a soapy lather and starts to shave his hairy balls, taint and puckered hole. As he shaves, he strokes Bruno's hard cock. The Barber frees his own big cock from his trousers. Bruno strokes Richards cock, playing with his PA until the Barber blows a giant load followed rapidly by Bruno's hot spunk.CLICK HERE

Friday, September 3, 2010

I love this one!

Steve Cruz & Rex Ryan
Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz meet sexy, inked Rex Ryan at his yard sale. They convince him to come inside and play around on camera. Bruno films Steve as he convinces Ryan to strip down and get his cock out. Ryan and Steve take turns sucking each others cocks and Ryan rims Steves hairy hole. Steve face fucks Ryan until he blows his giant load all over Ryans face and then sits down on it so Ryan can lick his hole as his busts his on load. This is nasty cum soaked fun!CLICK HERE

Thursday, September 2, 2010

So Much Cock!

Where have I been? It has been crazy couple of months of production. Non-stop movies since July! I have worked on 6 and am preparing for the next 4. There will be 11 in a row, y'all! Raging Stallion, Naked Sword and Hard Friction. This is our high production season. Lot's of great stuff happening. Steve and I just finished an amazing Hard Friction shoot last week with super hot guys, Brandon Lewis, Donny Wright, Slade, Logan Scott, Dylan Roberts and newcomer Juaquin Ramirez. Lot's of hot sex on the way!

Jayden and Ari

Jayden Grey & Ari Sylvio
Jayden and Ari are kissing naked on the bed. Both of their cocks are rock hard. Ari moves down to see how much of Jaydens big dick that he can cram down his throat. Jayden enjoys this blow job as he plays with Aris hole, priming it for fucking. First he has a turn on Aris cock, getting him even more excited until he is begging to be fucked. Jayden plows Ari doggie style making his white bubble butt bounce as he slams his big cock into Aris hungry hole. He flips the eager bottom on his back and plows Aris big load right out of his throbbing cock. Sweaty and exhausted, Jayden lies back and blows his own load, satisfied.CLICK HERE

Zack Ackland

Zack Ackland & Bruno Bond
Zack Ackland- Steve and Bruno interview Melbourne Australia's Zack Ackland. He's just come form a rugby match and he's amped and full of testosterone. Soon he's got his cock out and he's blowing a big milky load.CLICK HERE