Saturday, June 26, 2010

Me and Tony Vega!

Bruno Bond & Tony Vega
Bruno Bond is dressed, sitting down and waiting for Tony Vega who walks into the room butt naked. They kiss as Bruno plays with his tan, furry butt. Tony straddles Bruno, his big uncut cock rock hard. Bruno starts to lick and suck, playing with the foreskin. Tony enjoys the attention, but then wants to see more of Bruno. He starts to unbutton his shirt, revealing his muscled, hairy chest. He then unzips Brunos jeans, pulls out his rock hard cock and hungrily gobbles it down. Bruno picks up Tony and moves him over to the bed so he can prime his ass for fucking. He licks and tongue fucks the hot boy butt until he is ready to plunge his hard cock into Tonys hairy hole. Bruno pounds Tonys bubble butt working up a hot load that he shoots all over Tonys balls. Tony blasts his own big load all over his chest.CLICK HERE

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vince Ferelli Live tonight on Hard Friction!

Our new discovery had a little mishap (a disturbing trend these days!) and could not be here for Hard friction LIVE! tonight... in his place we asked super star muscle builder Vince Ferelli to put on a show. He finished a killer scene for the 3rd Hard Friction release in production now. Vince is one of our favorite guys personally and personally... its nice to be working with him again.

Watch Vince on, LIVE at 8pm PST tonight!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fresh Meat Now Available!

Our new DVD 'Fresh Meat' is now available!
This is a collection of scenes and screen tests directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond in their pro-am style featuring new models and several first time performances.Scene 1 - Jayden Grey and Ari Silvio. Jayden and Ari are kissing naked on the bed. Both of their cocks are rock hard. Ari moves down to see how much of Jaydens big dick that he can cram down his throat. Jayden enjoys this blow job as he plays with Aris hole, priming it for fucking. First he has a turn on Aris cock, getting him even more excited until he is begging to be fucked. Jayden plows Ari doggie style making his white bubble butt bounce as he slams his big cock into Aris hungry hole. He flips the eager bottom on his back and plows Aris big load right out of his throbbing cock. Sweaty and exhausted, Jayden lies back and blows his own load, satisfied.Scene 2 - Rex Ryan and Steve Cruz. Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz meet sexy, inked Rex Ryan at his yard sale. They convince him to come inside and play around on camera. Bruno films Steve as he convinces Ryan to strip down and get his cock out. Ryan and Steve take turns sucking each others cocks and Ryan rims Steves hairy hole. Steve face fucks Ryan until he blows his giant load all over Ryans face and then sits down on it so Ryan can lick his hole as his busts his on load. This is nasty cum soaked fun!Scene 3 - Trent Diesel. Bruno Bond interviews Trent Diesel about his exhibitionist tendencies and his body art before getting him out of his clothes, rock hard and jerking for him. See this inked and pierced newcomer, with the boy-next-door face blow his giant load just for you.Scene 4 - Draven Torres, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. Draven Torres is interviewed by Steve Cruz. He talks about music, sports and what turns him on. Steve convinces him to take off his clothes and asks him if he would like a fluffer. Bruno Bond is happy to help out the sexy, inked boy. They kiss and Bruno sucks on his rock hard cock. Draven stretches across the bed and Steve takes a turn on his dick. Steve puts his fingers in the boys mouth and then starts working his hole. He turns Draven over and plays with his ass, rimming and fingering his hungry hole. Bruno moves in for a taste of the hot boy ass as Draven moans in ecstasy. Next, Steve wants to see how the nubie is at sucking his big cock. Draven gulps it down working Steve up until he is ready to plow some ass. Steve slams Draven from behind until he squirts his big load all over the boys ass and then licks it clean. Bruno is ready for his turn. He lies back as Draven sits down on his throbbing cock riding it while Bruno pumps him full. Bruno turns Draven over on his side and fucks him deep holding one leg over his shoulder until he shoots his load all over the boys cock and balls. Draven works out his own load and lies back exhausted from his first fuck on camera.Scene 5 à Lonzo Zolar. Bruno Bond interviews Latin heartthrob Lonzo Zolar about why he decided to do porn, what he likes in a man and convinces him to share a story of a hot sexual encounter. By the time Bruno gets Lonzo out of his clothes, the hairy stud is rock hard and ready to show off. Lonzo stands in front of a mirror as he strokes his cock until he blows his giant load all over his hairy chest.Scene 6 - Keiran and Bruno Bond. Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond are on the beach in Sydney , Australia where they meet smiling stud Keiran sporting a big bulge in his board shorts. They invite him back to their hotel room, strip him down to his underwear and quiz him about what type of guys that he like and his sexual exploits around Sydney. When his underwear comes off, we watch his cock grow larger and larger until it is rock hard and pointing up above his navel. Keiran shows off and strokes his massive meat until Bruno cant take it anymore and has to get a taste for himself. He gets as much down his throat as he can take. This cock is almost three fists tall! Keiran face fucks and slaps Bruno with his big meat until he shoots a massive load on Bruno's face and down his back.CLICK HERE