Friday, July 30, 2010

Berke Banks and Derrek Diamond

Derrek Diamond & Berke Banks now on Hard Friction
Berke Banks and Derrek Diamond are kissing on the sofa. Derrek rubs his hand down Berkes furry chest to find the bulge of his long, hard cock pressing against the fabric of his shorts. He frees the big cock and slams it down his throat. Derrek is down on his knees licking and sucking as Berke lies back and enjoys the service from this hot boy next door. Derrek then stands up on the sofa so Berke can work over his own big meat. Macho, bearded Berke sucks Derreks cock until he is ready to pound that big bubble butt. Derrek is happy to be plowed by this hairy Daddy and gives it up doggie style as well as on his back with his ass in the air. Berke pounds a giant load right out of the young stud that he sprays all over his chest. Berke pulls out and coats Derrek with another load of his own man juice.CLICK HERE

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun During Dore Weekend

I had fun during Dore Weekend! Got to see a lot of my friends and meet some new ones. Thanks to Joe Pessa for the photo!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This week on Hard Friction Live!

This week, Thursday July 22nd on Hard Friction LIVE!

The debut of Morgan Black on webcam.
Morgan just filmed two great scenes for the 3rd Premium release from Hard Friction!

We fell in love with him... you can't help do the same. See why this week on Hard Friction

This Thursday, July 22nd at 8pm PST!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Steve and Alessio Shower

Steve Cruz & Alessio Romero
Alessio Romero is taking a shower. He flexes his muscles and shows off his ink until he is joined by Steve Cruz. They share wet kisses exploring each others bodies and rock hard cocks. Steve is first on his knees working Alessio's meat, and then he steps up on the bench to get his throbbing cock sucked by Alessio. The two men move the action to the bed where Alessio goes to work warming up Steve's furry ass for fucking. Steve rides Alessio's hard cock in ecstasy until Alessio flips him over and drives it hard into his fuzzy bubble butt. Steve is now ready to get some ass for himself so Alessio sticks his muscle butt out and takes it like a man. Steve pounds him hard until he blows his big load all over Alessio's ass. They lie back on the bed so Steve can help Alessio work out his own hot load. The two men curl up together exhausted and satisfied. CLICK HERE

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

'Arab Heat' Now on DVD

'Arab Heat' is the newest DVD from Raging Stallion and I am in it! I have a scorching hot scene with Damien Crosse!
This is a limited DVD run-.Damien Crosse enjoys laying back and taking tokes from his hookah, sheltered from the hot sun. He draws smoke into his lungs, exhaling slowly, savoring the sensation. Joined by Bruno Bond, he sits at the feet of Crosse, and is fed the hookah, passed down to him. Bond stares intently into Crosses eyes, as he sucks on the hose of the hookah. While groping Crosses cock, it becomes obvious he wants more than the hookah to suck on. Bond proceeds to alternate between Crosses cock and the hookah, blowing smoke from his nostrils, as he inhales Crosses hose. Bond gets Crosses cock all wet, sucking slowly and deeply. He then lifts Crosses legs, and stabs his tongue deep inside the hairy hole, making him moan for more. After Crosse has been serviced, he takes charge by mounting Bond from behind, and sticking his thick cock, deep inside Bonds hairy ass. Bonds face shows a mixture of pain with immense pleasure, as Crosse rides his ass wildly. The two fuck hard and long, building up beads of sweat, soon coating their bodies. Bond then lies back onto the Persian carpet and pillows, as Crosse fills his hole with his tool. Showing no mercy, he slides his thick member into Bonds gapping hole. Bond cant get enough. Soon, hes riding the thick pony, monitoring Crosses own increased pleasure as he rides. The pace becomes accelerated, as the rhythm riding the stallion cock makes Bruno erupt, showering Crosse with his cum. Bond dismounts and laps up his hairy sweaty balls, as Crosse jerks his pleasure stick, until he also explodes all over his body. They melt together into the heat and air, becoming one with labored breathing. CLICK HERE

Alexsander Freitas and Vic Kovac

Alexsander Freitas & Vic Kovac on Hard Friction
Hot Ukrainian, Vic Kovac, is lying on his stomach reading a book with his naked ass exposed against the white sheets. Inked, Brazilian muscle stud Alexsander Freitas walks into the room. Vic reaches up and runs his hand down Alexs ripped, furry abs. The two kiss and fall back on the bed caressing each others bodies as the roll back and forth across the sheets. Alex rips off Vics shirt as the passion builds. Vic is rock hard and can feel Alexs hard cock pressing against his shorts. He frees Alexs meat so he can taste it himself. Alex face fucks Vic knowing his ass is next. Vic is soon on his back with his legs in the air being pounded by the dominant Brazilian. Alex wants even more of Vics ass and turns him around to pound him from behind. Alex is relentless and Vic loves it! Alex lies back and insatiable Vic climbs up and rides his hard cock until he is ready to shoot his load. Alex follows right afterward with his own big load. The two sweaty men lie back, kissing, exhausted and satisfied.CLICK HERE

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Russian River Party

Join me and Steve at the Russian River Resort on Saturday the 17th for poolside fun, giveaways, and lube wrestling! I will take you down!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Strip Show Part 4

Giving you all that I've got!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

Strip Show Part 2

It is always more fun to get naked with an appreciative audience :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Strip Show Part 1

By now you should know that I love an excuse to get my clothes off in front of an audience! On one of my recent adventures, my friend, Jim, documented the whole event. In the great striptease tradition, I will reveal theses shots over the next four posts :)