Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bruno Bond and Tony Aziz!

Tony Aziz and Bruno Bond!

This week we release an HF exclusive Erotica... 'Reflex'
Hot Lebanese star, Tony Aziz, flexes his toned body as Bruno Bond watches from below, the two explode on camera... and Tony takes it like a pro. Its energy! its chemistry! and its verbal, masculine fucking at its hottest!

Director and boyfriend Steve Cruz: "I'm never the jealous type but every so often I'm reminded! I was so turned on filming this scene I wanted to throw down my camera and get into the mix."

Never seen before anywhere, the premiere of Tony Aziz with Bruno Bond.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hard Friction Live!

Steve Cruz LIVE!

Miss the live cam show last night?... hmmmmmm :-(

Turn that frown upside down, Hard Friction LIVE! cam shows are archived on

Those with a busy life or Tivo schedule can catch archived shows in your time. This week we discussed the genius of the book 'God's Gift', revisited what's new on Hard Friction, talked a little about forthcoming movies 'Arabian Nights' and 'HF2'... and gave away prizes!!!

Congratulations to Jambrea and Larry! You will receive a signed DVD each shipped free of charge to the address provided.

Of course most of the show is Steve's hard dick in Bruno's face. For those of you that couldn't get enough of 'Menace', or the subject matter in 'Porn Stars in Love'... here's a rare glimpse of what its like for them, usually when the spotlight is powered down.

Next month's Hard Friction LIVE! will star Steve and Bruno with special guest Derrick Hanson.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Behind the Scenes

Steve and Bruno take you behind the curtain

Have you been watching a hot porn scene and ever wondered what that horny guy on the screen is really like? Hard Friction knows the fans want to get off to more than a sex robot —wait the idea of a sex robot sounds kinda hot too...

Time and time again we hear the scenes are hotter when they are real or when you feel you know a little bit about the real person on screen. That's why we film screen tests and behind the scenes.

1. This week we have Lonzo Zolar, HF Discovery in his first time on camera. Lonzo's Screen Test includes a never before seen interview with Bruno Bond. Find out what he likes and why he decided to take it off for you. He's a sensual treat for fans of uncut, hairy Latin men. And a refreshing chance to watch our guys get a little personal before they get you off!

Click here for Lonzo Zolar.

2. Next week we have Steve Cruz unscripted and uninhibited in a live web-cam show appearance! Members will get to see the special show at 7PM PST on HardFriction LIVE! It's your opportunity to log on and ask all the questions you've wanted to ask, or just watch the xxx show... Steve may even take requests-- if you're nice. But remember he's not a sex robot ;-)

An added bonus -er! if we get 10 new members to log on that night we'll be giving away a DVD prize and other giveaways to one lucky fan. You'll only win if you sign up for the show!

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...and look for exclusive behind the scenes footage added in March!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Conner and Danny

Tag Team! Conner and Danny!

Conner Habib is making out with boy next door Danny Taggart! Always the horn-dog, Conner wants cock and he wants it now! Cocksucking, rimming and lots of verbal fuck action as Danny dominates— Conner instigates! Its an energetic piggy scene directed by Bruno Bond in the Hard Friction Studio, dont miss it!

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Click here to watch.