Thursday, December 11, 2008

White Party - Miami

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we drove down to South Beach to dance at the Muscle Beach Party during White Party. It was Johnny Hazzard, Ryan Raz, Dean Tucker, Josh Hart, Colton Steel and Bruno Bond rotating around the dance floor set up on the beach. With so many Hot Daddies and Cute Boys in the crowd, we had a great time!

Gio Photoshoot

While I was in Ft Lauderdale, I was lucky enough to do a photo shoot with Gio Photography. John was amazing to work with and has an incredible studio with different sets. When I saw the photos, I could not believe that they were me!

Boardwalk - Ft. Lauderdale

During the week of Thanksgiving, I travelled to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to dance at Boardwalk. ChiChi LaRue was the DJ and Johnny Hazzard was the headlining star for the week. Ryan Raz, Dean Tucker and Josh Hart were also dancing there. We referred to ourselves as the pornettes. We also ran into Kameron Scott, Misty Eyez, Damien Crosse, Francesco DiMacho, Matthew Rush and several other hot porn guys! Newly svelte ChiChi is an amazing DJ playing fun music from Joan Jet to Beyonce. It was great getting to know Johnny. Did you know he has his own line of shirts? So happy to be able to hang out with my friend Ryan again, and happy to have new friends with Dean and cute Josh! We all got along very well and had a rockin’ time!

Photo Shoot 3

Around the second week of November, I get a call from Howard saying that he had a studio interested in working with me and needs photos right away. I called my friend Brian Moore to see if he could help me out. We made arrangements to take some quick pictures that afternoon that resulted in one of my favorite images so far.

Hustlaball New York 2008 pt2

All the porn stars hung out with the fans in the VIP room. I then gogo danced in the front lounge to a set by legendary New York DJ Johnny Dynell.
At about 1:30am, Nick Capra and I decided to change clothes and get ready for our performance. There had been non-stop entertainment on the main stage since about midnight; Bands, Drag Queens, Acrobats and Porn Stars. We were wearing white wife-beaters and white underwear and were going to soak each other down with water. The club had moved the clothes check from the performance stage to by the upstairs dance floor. Nick and I had changed at clothes check because the dressing room by the stage was so crowded. When it is time for us to go on, we fight through the mass of people to get to the stage which is covered in cake and frosting from the previous splosh act. We take off our shoes on the side and get to the front of the stage and start kissing. We dump bottles of warm water all over each other and rip each others shirts off and throw them into the crowd of about 1500 people watching. I then pull down his underwear and start sucking his cock. He then pulls mine down and eats my ass. We kiss some more and then walk to the edge of the stage and throw our underwear into the crowd. The men at the edge of the stage are groping us and taking pictures. When the song ends, we exit, slipping our shoes on as we go. Suddenly, it occurs to me that I am naked and my clothes are upstairs in coat check and this tall, handsome man is holding my hand and leading me through the throngs of people in front of the stage. When we finally reach the upper dance floor, one of the other performers tells us that we need to get our clothes and get out because the building is on fire! We run to the clothes check and quickly get dressed. I am starting to smell the smoke as we make our way down three stories to the main entrance to the street. We are among the first to exit the building, the sound of sirens echo between the buildings as we make our way back to the hotel. What a HOT performance!

Hustlaball New York 2008 pt1

On Sunday night, we attended Hustlaball. I was scheduled to perform onstage with Nick Capra. We were first interviewed on the Red Carpet by Robin Byrd and Angel Benton.

Gay Erotic Expo 2

During the day I worked the booth at the Gay Erotic Expo for JustUsBoys with Ryan Raz, Jackson Wild, and Colton Steel. Wearing nothing but our Rocket Tube underwear, we signed autographs, jumped on the trampoline and gave away DVD’s and Fleshjacks.

Gay Erotic Expo 1

Howard decided it was time for me to make my first professional appearance at the Gay Erotic Expo in New York in October. This was the first time that I had really spent time around a large group of adult performers, gogo dancers and porn stars.
On our first night in New York, we attended Max Scott’s party at the Eagle. Ricky Sinz and Vinnie D’Angelo pulled me up on stage and stripped me down to my jock. To be in the middle of those two sexy men- HOT!

Photo Shoots 2

I was also contacted by Chadwick Smith about shooting a cover for a new regional bar magazine called Dick Hunter’s. It will be distributed throughout the South in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and the Carolinas. I met Chadwick in his studio and shot some great images in front of a blue screen. I am enjoying working with different photographers who each have a unique style and point of view.

Photo Shoots 1

Howard and I decided that I needed to take some more photos that he could send to the studios to see if they were interested. I decided to work with Atlanta photographer Diego Ibarra of Odidigital. We spend a day together walking the railroad tracks, downtown alleys and office buildings ending up at his friend’s bungalow by the park. Diego shot some amazing images that day and I got a taste of what it is like to be on location in front a camera for a day.


It all started with Steve Cruz. Last March, I sent a friend request to him on MySpace. He responded with a nice note and we began a correspondence. A few weeks later, I sent a friend request to ChiChi LaRue who said “yummy pic!!!!” I thought that if these two porn icons are encouraging me, then I could really have a chance to get in the business. I had been working out pretty hard for years, but thought that I could still use some improvement before I was camera ready. By the end of Summer, I felt that it was time to give it a shot. I asked my friend Brian Moore to take some photos which I posted on MySpace. A couple of days later, Colt Spencer from Unzipped sent me a note and asked if I had ever thought about doing porn. He put me in touch with Fabscout, who represents most of the best performers. I hit it off well with Howard and he started advising me on the best course of action to pursue my new career in porn.

Friday, December 5, 2008