Thursday, January 29, 2009

Raging Stallion Exclusive!

I am very excited to announce that I have been offered an exclusive contract with Raging Stallion Studios! I have already filmed my first scene with my boyfriend Steve Cruz. I will post the release date of the movie as soon as it is announced. It has been a great experience working with everyone at Raging Stallion and I look forward to making some great movies together!

Check out the press release

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gay Porn Blog

Another awesome posting about my ‘Dickin’ Around’ release from Hot House is posted on Gay Porn Blog today! Thank you guys for a great story and even more pics! Check it out here.


I am really happy to report that Fleshbot has reviewed my Hot House scene with Ty LeBeouf! Thank you guys for a great story and for publishing the hot photos! Check it out here.

Hot House Shoot

After a relaxing New Year’s Day, I went right to work on my third movie. This time it was with Hot House and the super sexy Ty LeBeouf. This boy has an amazing body and an ass that is even better in person! I munched it until they made me stop. Ty and I filmed the fourth scene for a new movie call ‘Dickin’ Around.’ Even though, it was my third movie to film, it is the first to be released. Hot House released it as a web only pre-view on their site until the CD is available for sale. I am very excited, the photos and the preview are HOT! Please click the link in the right hand column for more details.

New Year's Eve

Steve Cruz and I escorted the fabulous ChiChi LaRue to her New Year’s dj gig in San Francisco. She was spinning in the VIP room (of course) for Gus’ big Adonis party. Steve and I got to be countdown boys (men) on the stage with 8 other hot guys all wearing black jocks. I was number 10 and Steve was 9 so, at midnight, I got to have my first kiss of the New Year with my man on stage in front of a thousand people! As I was the designated driver of the rented novelty car, Steve drank enough Patron for the both of us. ChiChi maintained her glamour at the turntables while sipping on Veuve Cliquot. Hanging in the VIP room were Sister Roma, Troy from Falcon, and my soon to be Hot House scene partner, Ty LeBeouf.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Raging Stallion Shoot- San Francisco

After we wrapped up the Mustang shoot, Steve Cruz and I spent the weekend together getting to know each other. We had built up a slow and steady relationship since our first correspondence via Myspace the previous March. We had begun to realize that we have a great deal in common and a great chemistry together. We were booked to shoot a movie together for Raging Stallion on Monday. By the time it came to do our shoot, we were very into each other and horny as hell! Tony DiMarco directed us and Kent Taylor did our photo shoot. Time flew by. Every time the crew stopped to re-set lights or film, we kept going at it! Tony started filming us a couple of times that we did not even realize. This movie is going to be super sexy and very real!

Mustang Shoot- San Francisco

From Ft. Lauderdale, I flew back to Atlanta for a night and out to San Francisco to shoot my first movie with Mustang. It is called ‘Red Light’ and is directed by Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo. Gorgeous Tyler Saint is my scene partner. The scenario is that I am a powerful executive who hires an exclusive prostitute to dominate me. I start out in a suit and end up tied up in ropes! Steve Cruz and I had been talking on the phone for a couple of months. He prepared me for the scene and answered all of my porn virgin questions before I arrived. I met Tyler Saint at the airport and we got to talk a bit on the way into town. He was very confident and sexy and we got along well immediately. Later that afternoon, we had our photo shoot with super hot Joe Oppedisano. Tyler was in leather and I was in my suit. The photos look like Tom of Finland drawings come to life. I can’t wait to see the final shots! On the day of our filming, we arrive on our set to see a red room with one black leather chair and the floor covered with votive candles. Steve, Leif and the crew were amazing to work with, Tyler and I had great chemistry together, it is going to be one HOT movie! Look for the special Director’s Cut to be pre-released on the Falcon website at the beginning of February. It will be a special edit only available online. The DVD will be released in mid February.