Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Raging Stallion Shoot- San Francisco

After we wrapped up the Mustang shoot, Steve Cruz and I spent the weekend together getting to know each other. We had built up a slow and steady relationship since our first correspondence via Myspace the previous March. We had begun to realize that we have a great deal in common and a great chemistry together. We were booked to shoot a movie together for Raging Stallion on Monday. By the time it came to do our shoot, we were very into each other and horny as hell! Tony DiMarco directed us and Kent Taylor did our photo shoot. Time flew by. Every time the crew stopped to re-set lights or film, we kept going at it! Tony started filming us a couple of times that we did not even realize. This movie is going to be super sexy and very real!


  1. Cool, looks like you scored yourself everybody's favorite pocket hottie! Steve's cool I appreciate his humour and his comedic side. Great bassist.
    I'd like to put emphasis on the REAL aspect. I'm not big into Porn. Straight Nor Gay but I'm like a flexible ruler I can bend. I appreciate realisim where even though porn is pretty much staged to a large degree you can pick up on a real connection between the do'er and the do'ee if that makes any sense what so ever.
    I'm straight...well more or less straight identified but I'm secure enough to say...there are some guys I won't kick out of my bed. Secure enough to say I appreciate a good looking guy and I'm not afraid to comment it. I also prefere gay or straight porn because gay seems more legit in it's presentation. Straight porn always involves some chick screaming her bains out like she's giving birth to a Jeep Wrangler.
    But congratz on being involved with what will be a steamy title.

  2. hehehe thats a one of a kind love story...