Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Year's Eve

Steve Cruz and I escorted the fabulous ChiChi LaRue to her New Year’s dj gig in San Francisco. She was spinning in the VIP room (of course) for Gus’ big Adonis party. Steve and I got to be countdown boys (men) on the stage with 8 other hot guys all wearing black jocks. I was number 10 and Steve was 9 so, at midnight, I got to have my first kiss of the New Year with my man on stage in front of a thousand people! As I was the designated driver of the rented novelty car, Steve drank enough Patron for the both of us. ChiChi maintained her glamour at the turntables while sipping on Veuve Cliquot. Hanging in the VIP room were Sister Roma, Troy from Falcon, and my soon to be Hot House scene partner, Ty LeBeouf.

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