Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hustlaball New York 2008 pt2

All the porn stars hung out with the fans in the VIP room. I then gogo danced in the front lounge to a set by legendary New York DJ Johnny Dynell.
At about 1:30am, Nick Capra and I decided to change clothes and get ready for our performance. There had been non-stop entertainment on the main stage since about midnight; Bands, Drag Queens, Acrobats and Porn Stars. We were wearing white wife-beaters and white underwear and were going to soak each other down with water. The club had moved the clothes check from the performance stage to by the upstairs dance floor. Nick and I had changed at clothes check because the dressing room by the stage was so crowded. When it is time for us to go on, we fight through the mass of people to get to the stage which is covered in cake and frosting from the previous splosh act. We take off our shoes on the side and get to the front of the stage and start kissing. We dump bottles of warm water all over each other and rip each others shirts off and throw them into the crowd of about 1500 people watching. I then pull down his underwear and start sucking his cock. He then pulls mine down and eats my ass. We kiss some more and then walk to the edge of the stage and throw our underwear into the crowd. The men at the edge of the stage are groping us and taking pictures. When the song ends, we exit, slipping our shoes on as we go. Suddenly, it occurs to me that I am naked and my clothes are upstairs in coat check and this tall, handsome man is holding my hand and leading me through the throngs of people in front of the stage. When we finally reach the upper dance floor, one of the other performers tells us that we need to get our clothes and get out because the building is on fire! We run to the clothes check and quickly get dressed. I am starting to smell the smoke as we make our way down three stories to the main entrance to the street. We are among the first to exit the building, the sound of sirens echo between the buildings as we make our way back to the hotel. What a HOT performance!

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  1. OH you know of any future performance dates in NYC? I will be sure to check you, maybe get tea bagged :-)