Friday, February 19, 2010

Hard Friction Live!

Steve Cruz LIVE!

Miss the live cam show last night?... hmmmmmm :-(

Turn that frown upside down, Hard Friction LIVE! cam shows are archived on

Those with a busy life or Tivo schedule can catch archived shows in your time. This week we discussed the genius of the book 'God's Gift', revisited what's new on Hard Friction, talked a little about forthcoming movies 'Arabian Nights' and 'HF2'... and gave away prizes!!!

Congratulations to Jambrea and Larry! You will receive a signed DVD each shipped free of charge to the address provided.

Of course most of the show is Steve's hard dick in Bruno's face. For those of you that couldn't get enough of 'Menace', or the subject matter in 'Porn Stars in Love'... here's a rare glimpse of what its like for them, usually when the spotlight is powered down.

Next month's Hard Friction LIVE! will star Steve and Bruno with special guest Derrick Hanson.

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