Saturday, November 7, 2009

I keep getting off on this!

Have I told you how hot this scene is with Steve blowing 3 guys from the new Hard Friction DVD? He starts out working on Tony Vega's big uncut cock then Fabio Stallone walks in with his even bigger Italian sausage. Steve works over both big dicks at the same time until you think they are going to shoot, then he gets a third one from hairy, newcomer Lonzo Zolar. People, there are FIVE cum shots in this scene! For blow job lovers, it just doesn't get any better! (I am really lucky to have such a crazy talented boyfriend!) I filmed this scene and came every time time while I was editing. You know the scene is good when you are hard while you are working! Don't wait for the website to be launched, get your copy of the DVD today by clicking HERE


  1. I got off on meeting your bf last nite!!! He was "hotter than hell" at the View! I kid! Meeting Steve was super and I am so sorry that you couldn't be there! I took a whole bunch of photos and will post them this afternoon when I recover from sleep deprivation. Hope you feel better! :)

  2. what an awesome screenshot! How hard it must have been for you to watch this without jumping into the mix.

  3. Your so right,Bruno!The scene is good only if you can get hard while watching it!
    Don`t doubt this one is HOT.