Friday, April 2, 2010

Unzipped Interview

Unzipped Premium interviews Steve and Bruno, plus new photos from Australian Photographer, David Khan.

"While taking sole responsibility for casting, filming, and editing (not to mention performing) can certainly be taxing, there are plenty of advantages to shepherding your own porn site: Not only do you get to call the shots and work your creative bone into a frenzy, you get paid to search the world for new guys to fuck.

Featuring hot hookups, live solo performances, photo galleries, and video screen tests, is a delicious mix of familiar talent and never-before-seen studs discovered during Cruz and Bond’s various overseas journeys. The label’s first product, an eponymous DVD distributed through Raging Stallion late last year, gave consumers a hint of the hotness to come; the site, which launched earlier this year, has so far exceeded expectations. Porn writer Will West (a frequent Unzipped contributor) has praised the result, saying it’s "refreshing to see a site made by two industry professionals who know what viewers want from their experiences as performers."

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  1. great intervieuw , Bruno .. and also great picture with cruz !