Monday, August 31, 2009

Web Cam with Conner Habib

Next Sunday, Sept 6 at 8PM PST/ 11 PM EST, I finally get to hook up with Conner Habib LIVE! I have filmed Conner twice. First in a crazy doggie play scene with Ricky Sinz and RJ Danvers for the upcoming Raging Stallion release 'The Trap.' The second time was in a great scene with Danny Tagger that will be released at this Fall. This boy drives me crazy! It was hard to edit because I kept getting hard whenever I saw Conner's ass!
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  1. I missed seeing the live webcam. Is there anywhere to see a copy of it? I love both of you and think I'd blow a gasket if I could watch the two of you together.

    The only thing that would be even better is if you, Conner and Steve were together! That would be just too much.

  2. Hey Adam!
    You can see the Conner/Bruno webcam show by joining Hard Friction in the link on the right. All of the shows are archieved. I think that the three of us would be hot together, too! I was talking with Steve and Conner together on Saturday night at a party and my head started swimming with the same thought :)