Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where am I? part 2

Steve and I have been working every moment when we are not in the studio (or the gym) to put together our second DVD release for Hard Friction called 'HF2.' It will be released on April 16. There are two discs. The first is our higher production level work including scenes with Steve Cruz and Alessio Romero, Drake Jaden and Brandon X, Bruno Bond and Tony Vega, Derrek Diamond and Berke Banks, as well as Alexsander Frietas with Vic Kovac. Some we shot in the studio and some on location. The common thread is that there is great natural chemistry with every pairing! The second disc is the introduction of our pro-am line called Hard Friction Edge. This is shot on location in a more gonzo style with just me and/or Steve and another guy passing the camera around while we are having hot sex! All of the scenes on this disc were shot on our recent trip to Sydney and include some travel footage as well. The first scene is with newcomer Tyler Murphy who contacted Steve and I when he saw that we were going to be in town and were looking for new models. We both take turn breaking his ass in for the first time on camera. Next we hook up with Raging Stallion star, Remy Delaine. The three of us have a great time passing the camera around while we suck and fuck! The following day we were at the beach and we meet this guy named Keiran who is fun and sexy and has a giant bulge in his shorts. Of course, we had to get him back to our hotel room. I got lucky and got to blow this massive cock! It had to be about 10 inches! Steve just stabbed the roof of his mouth with a chop stick, so he was all mine :) Steve got his revenge by getting to Keiran to slap his cock on the side of my face harder and harder until I actually got a black eye! See what extremes we will go to for you guys to give you hot porn :) (For members of , this scene will be on the site on April 8th). I will post pics as soon as we get them together...

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  1. You still have readers! :)

    That disc 2 sounds awesome! We can't wait to get our hands on it!

    And that encounter with you and Tony Aziz looks hot! I just saw the trailer but know the full scene will be dynamite! Are you sure you can't put it on this next DVD???

    Keep up the great work, Bruno!

    -R from Sacramento