Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brandon and Dylan

Episode Three: Hot Sex featuring Brandon Lewis and Dylan Roberts
Our golden boy Brandon watches adorable Dylan lay naked from across a shimmering pool. Its just too inviting! He decides to dive into the deep end and swims over to him. He offers his big cock, which Dylan devours with excitement. Young Dylan has been waiting for this moment! Brandon eats Dylan bubble butt; greedy Dylan begs for more while he plays with his uncut cock. As the sun rises to a high point the two find a shelter. But its their powerful chemistry that really cooks! Sweat pours off their bodies Dylan rides on his top bouncing with glee. Brandon takes over and gets Dylan on his back pounding away poolside! He drives home with his eight and half thick inches until both young men blow loads. The video ends in a passionate kiss.CLICK HERE

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  1. Bruno, I know you've been traveling and all, but enough of those other men! Where are you?