Friday, January 14, 2011

Donny and Juaquin

Donny Wright and introducing Juaquin Ramirez
Its a lazy sweltering afternoon when bronzed adonis Donny Wright and hot pool boy Juaquin Ramirez escape the hundred degree weather by taking a plunge. How long before their suits come off and their juicy uncut cocks come out? Juaquin plays with Donnys perfect cock for a while before they take it indoors. In the cool of the bedroom they take it all the way. Juaquin sucks Donny then Donny eats Juaquins smooth brown butt, then it's time for Donny to fuck Juaquin hard from behind. Donny hits Juaquins spot until hes blowing a load all over the two of them. But nothing compares to Donnys milky explosion! Weve never seen so much cum! Time for another dip in the pool?CLICK HERE

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