Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Looking forward to traveling to San Diego this weekend to shoot some HOT guys for Still being new to California, I am having a great time seeing all the beautiful sights! We drove to Sonoma today to check out a couple of locations for upcoming Raging Stallion movies. It made me remember to take time out of all of the daily stress and enjoy the adventure :)


  1. Stunning picture. Hope you share more.

  2. OMG! BRUNO! Where is your facial hair??? You look so naked w/o it! Grow it back quick!

  3. Don't worry, Sue, my beard is already back. I shaved for a special scene for Hard Friction. I will post pics soon :)

  4. I didn`t realize your beardless until I read Sue`s comment.This goes to show you look equally great either way.And I`m saying that as a big fan of stubbles and beards;)

    Can`t wait to see the hardfriction pics!