Sunday, February 27, 2011

17th Annual Hard Choice Awards

In this world of fast-paced global media and instant information, things often move by so fast that I feel like I am too late to even write about them. Even though this news came out over a week ago, I feel like I need to thank Onan the Vulgarian and Harley Shadow over at XX Factor for acknowledging my work in The 17th Annual Hard Choice Awards Often, I am so entrenched in my work that I am don't think about what I have accomplished. The guys at XX Factor reminded me of how much good porn that I was a part of in 2010. So, taking from their list...

Best Film USA, runner up - 'Don't Ask Just Fuck' (sets and wardrobe by me), 'Tales of the Arabian Nights' (sets and wardrobe)

Best Art Direction - 'Brutal 1 and 2' (That was me!)

Most Passionate Sex, runner up - Heath Jordan and Steve Cruz 'Attraction' (directed and filmed by me)

The Year's Best Sex
2. Alex Freitas and Derreck Diamond in 'Diamond Auto' (sets and wardrobe)
3. DO and Angelo Marconi in 'Don't Ask Just Fuck' (sets and wardrobe)
4. Alessio Romero and Steve Cruz in 'HF2' (directed and filmed)
9. Aybars and Conner Habib in 'Tales of the Arabian Nights' (sets and wardrobe)

Best Sex for 3 or More
10. Dominic Pacifico, Cameron Adams and Brandon Lewis (filmed, sets and wardrobe)

Best Solo, runner up - Troy Daniels in 'Roll in the Hay' (sets and wardrobe)

Best Rimming - Race Cooper and Derek Reynolds in 'Steamworks' (sets and wardrobe)

Thanks to Chris Ward, Tony Dimarco and especially Steve Cruz for trusting me with art direction of their movies last year. Thanks again to XX Factor for appreciating all of our hard work!


  1. Aww Bruno honey! I already acknowledged you! LOL! Big smooch! Sue

  2. You deserve everything that happen to you. You work very hard for it and you got it for everything that you do best, directing and filming. Don't stop doing it and keep up the good work sexy man.