Friday, February 11, 2011

Me and Morgan

Bruno Bond and Morgan Black in 'Attraction'
Bruno and Morgan are kissing outside under the trees. They strip off their shirts and Morgan frees Bruno's throbbing cock from his shorts and licks and sucks while stroking his own hard dick. Next, he sits back in a chair and let's Bruno lick his sweaty balls and big meat under the Summer sun. Morgan then turns Bruno around so he can prime his hairy hole for fucking. He buries his face in Bruno's muscular ass cheeks ramming his tongue in and out of his hot hole. Bruno is ready and sits right down on Morgan's hard meat bouncing up and down, thighs straining plunging that big cock in his eager hole. Morgan flips Bruno around so he can really pound his ass from behind while Bruno's hard dick slaps against his stomach with each forceful thrust until both men blow out their big loads.CLICK HERE

1 comment:

  1. Man that is a HOT scene. You look so great in there with Morgan. Two good looking hunk of men going at it like that, i got a boner just to look at this.
    Love every minute of it.