Monday, February 21, 2011

Donny and Slade

HF058 Episode Four: Hot Sex featuring Donny Wright and Slade
Night falls and the sky is awash with golden fire, brilliant orange and purples to deep blues. Donny and Slade kiss passionately in the pool. Both men are well hung and like to suck a big cock. Slade cock is a prize piece- juicy and thick with a huge round head. Donny cock is tall and uncut. They suck slow savoring every moment in the garden. When the sun has gone down they bring it to the bedroom. Both lovers are passionate. They roll around the crisp sheets sucking and rimming Donnys ass. Donnys ass is perfect and lightly covered in black hair. Its so inviting you can almost taste it on your lips. Thats when Slade thrusts his super thick cock deep into Donny. He takes him from behind then on his back so he can watch Donny blow another huge liquid load! Both men paint the room in pearly white cum.CLICK HERE

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